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ABILITY Network Launches Customizable First-Of-Its-Kind Online Client Community  

ABILITY Network Inc, a large, secure Direct-enabled health network, recently announced the launch of its unique customer tool to help support decision making for hospital and healthcare administrators and provide new channels for connecting with other network users. In addition to providing access to all ABILITY services and support, myABILITY provides extensive industry resources, an interactive bulletin board that allows customers to communicate directly with each other and ABILITY representatives, guidance on how to register for Direct-enabled e-mail addresses, network availability notifications, issue briefs and white papers on relevant industry issues and trends, and helpful FAQs, all via a customizable portal.
“The launch of myABILITY represents a brand-new approach to customer support by focusing on fostering a community of users,” said Mark Briggs, CEO of ABILITY. “We’ve talked to our customers and understand what is important to them, including how they want to receive relevant information, what kind of information helps them do their jobs better, and the pain points they experience due to corporate and industry challenges. We designed myABILITY to not just be a stagnant portal, but a dynamic resource that, for the first time, connects users with others in the industry and helps them achieve their professional goals.”
Features of the new client portal include:  

“We’re offering an extensive customer support and knowledge sharing portal that can be leveraged by all of our customers, regardless of their experience level and title,” Briggs said. “We want to guide and advise our customers with our experience and knowledge as they navigate through this changing industry, and provide valuable resources that ultimately allow them to do their jobs to the best of their ability.”
The company’s website has also been updated to include industry resource information in the form of easy to read and share issue briefs, white papers, and FAQs on topics such as the Direct Project, the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan, accountable care organizations, clinical awareness and patient safety, and 5010. The site also provides detailed information on recent industry news such as the CMS transition from the AT&T network to Verizon and a variety of client success stories and testimonials illustrating diverse uses of ABILITY’s products and services. 
The ABILITY website offerings are grouped into three major categories: Direct, Money and Patient Safety. The Direct portion highlights DirectABILITY where clients can register for access to the Direct Network; Money is dedicated to ABILITY products and services that help clients with secure online connections, improve workflow processes with government and commercial payers for claim submission and remittance, and eligibility and benefits verification; and Patient Safety addresses products that help with clinical awareness, identifying fragmented medical records and improving efficiency and quality of care. 
Source: ABILITY Network