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Latest WEDI ICD-10 Survey Shows Physician Practices Have Work to Do

The Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI), a nonprofit authority on the use of HIT to create efficiencies in health care information exchange, announced the release of its findings from its June 2015 ICD-10 Industry Readiness Survey. In August letters to the Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary, WEDI shared survey results and recommendations, strongly encouraging the department to continue to leverage its communication channels to promote the need for compliance because of the impact that noncompliance could have on the industry.

"While much of the industry is nearing readiness, nearly one-quarter of physician practice respondents said they will not be ready by the October 1, 2015, deadline and another one-quarter were unsure," says Jim Daley, WEDI past-chair and ICD-10 Workgroup cochair. "Without a dedicated and aggressive effort to complete implementation activities in the time remaining, this lack of readiness may lead to disruption in claims processing."

In its commitment to the industry, WEDI has produced many work products and tools to ensure a smooth transition to ICD-10 and these ongoing surveys have been designed to gauge stakeholder readiness. Highlights from the latest survey findings include the following:

WEDI recommendations to HHS included the following:

"It is critical to closely monitor industry progress and testing as we approach the compliance date to gauge what might occur on October 1, 2015," says Jean P. Narcisi, chair of WEDI. "In light of our most recent findings, we are hopeful that industry leaders take the necessary steps to help ensure that the transition to ICD-10 is completed with minimal disruption to the health care industry."

Source: Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange