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Shared Health, Mississippi Medicaid Develop EHR Plan

Shared Health, Inc, one of the nation’s largest public/private health information exchanges (HIEs), has been awarded the state of Mississippi’s Division of Medicaid contract for implementation and operation of an EHR system and e-prescribing solution for the 600,000 Mississippi Medicaid beneficiaries.

Working with the Mississippi Division of Medicaid, Shared Health will connect the Medicaid beneficiaries' medical information across his or her network of clinical providers using Shared Health products and services. Through this use of secure HIT solutions at the point of care, Shared Health will help the Mississippi Division of Medicaid focus on reducing healthcare costs and promoting better patient care.

Shared Health brings its technology partners, including Oracle, IBM, Initiate, and Axolotl, to the Mississippi solution. As part of the four-year contract, Shared Health will offer Mississippi Medicaid healthcare providers with a secure Web-based EHR; an e-prescribing system; and access to hospital discharge information. Shared Health will also provide clinical outreach services in support of EHR adoption by Medicaid physicians statewide.

Source: Shared Health