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Lott QA Group to Use VitalWare Tools for ICD-10 Testing

VitalWare announced that the Lott QA Group, a professional HIT quality assurance and consulting firm, will be utilizing its VitalSigns tool as part of the Lott QA Group’s Testing Services.

VitalSigns is the only claims auditing and ICD-10 financial risk assessment tool that uses TrueShift modeling, utilizing data mined from thousands of natively-coded ICD-10 charts.   

As part of the partnership, the Lott QA Group will use VitalSigns in client engagements to natively ten-code claims from medical records to determine documentation and coding opportunities and pinpoint a facility’s specific revenue risks associated with DRG shift.  

“Our partnership with VitalWare allows us to analyze our clients’ claims at a much deeper level so that they can see which of their specific DRGs shift, why they shift, and the financial impact of that shift,” says Juliet Santos, executive vice president of strategy and business development at the Lott QA Group. “VitalSigns is a powerful, yet nimble application that creates ‘aha’ moments for hospitals analyzing ICD-10 financial risk.”

“The Lott QA Group’s services are more important than ever in light of CMS’s announcement that they would not be participating in ICD-10 end-to-end testing. Providers, payers, clearinghouses, and other involved entities have no other collaborative testing model to utilize in performing the crucial process of validating accurate claims creation, transmission, adjudication, and payment. VitalWare recognizes the need for this model and recommends that all organizations participate in this program,” says Kerry Martin, CEO and founder of VitalWare.

“VitalSigns has proven to be a rapid method for assessing true financial risk and uncovering documentation and coding risks in ICD-10. By partnering with VitalWare, we are enhancing our customer’s ROI while helping them mitigate their financial risks,” states Mark Lott, CEO and founder of the Lott QA Group.

VitalSigns, VitalWare’s Auditing and ICD-10 Risk Assessment tool, assists providers and consultant groups in the auditing and ten-coding of patient charts.  

Through natively ten-coding thousands of records with the VitalSigns application, VitalWare, its clients, and partners have confirmed that the only tangible way to identify true reimbursement risk under ICD-10 is to utilize the documentation present in a chart and recode it.  

According to Martin, “Relying on code to code translation, without considering the medical record, will leave providers vulnerable to false security when assessing ICD-10 financial risk.”

Source: VitalWare