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Walgreens and Greenway Health Implement Largest Pharmacy EHR

Greenway Health recently announced the completion of the largest centralized pharmacy cloud-based EHR system ever deployed, Walgreens Cloud EHR. Walgreens has completed its chainwide rollout of the Greenway Health-powered EHR solution, giving pharmacy staff at all of its more than 8,200 locations a single, complete view of patients’ prescription, immunization, and health testing records.

The EHR platform further enables Walgreens pharmacists to identify opportunities to close gaps in care and to share patient information with other providers, helping to ensure continuity and care coordination.

“Having a chainwide EHR platform enhances our pharmacists’ ability to provide individualized immunization and health testing recommendations, which is key to closing gaps in patient care that exist today,” says Tim Theriault, senior vice president and chief information, innovation, and improvement officer of Walgreens. “This solution helps further our mission to help patients in the communities that we serve get, stay, and live well.”

Walgreens Cloud EHR operates in real-time mode and is fully interoperable with various systems within Walgreens’ operational IT infrastructure. The interoperable functionality and scale of the system supports an emerging trend in health care to leverage real-time electronic communication to deliver high-quality care.

“Consumers are demanding access to health care information, and Walgreens Cloud EHR delivers,” says Greenway CEO Tee Green. “We’re proud to work with Walgreens to deliver a single system that extends to more than 27,000 pharmacists and can process 20,000 patient encounters per hour. This implementation points the way to electronic care coordination of the future.”

Source: Greenway Health