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SpeedType, OAK Horizons Launch New Educational Class

OAK Horizons, LLC and SpeedType are pleased to announce a partnership to provide a new continuing education course that is being offered through the school.

OAK Horizons develops curricula for medical transcription and coding for education organizations around the world. SpeedType is a universal word expansion software program that saves transcriptionists, coders, and other repetitive typists time and money.

The OAK Horizons new SpeedType course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the software, enabling students to get the maximum use from SpeedType.

“SpeedType is a simplistic but powerful program for beginners to install and to use. However, it does contain dozens of special features for enhanced functionality,” says SpeedType CEO Betsy Ertel, AHDI-F. “This course will hit on the basics but it will also focus on the advanced features that allow users to save unprecedented time and keystrokes.”

SpeedType works by expanding abbreviations into words, sentences, paragraphs, or even entire pages. Users create their own abbreviations and dictionaries so a medical transcriptionist could set the abbreviation “ch” to expand to “carbonmonoxyhemoglobin,” or a legal typist could use “poe” for “preponderance of the evidence.”

“You no longer have to type keystroke by keystroke, avoiding spelling look ups every time,” Ertel says.

SpeedType is different from other expanders because it isn't program-specific; it works inside any Windows-based program, including text documents, e-mails, Google searches, instant messages, and Twitter and Facebook updates.

OAK Horizons offers classes for students new to the health information fields and also continuing education classes for experienced transcriptionists and coders seeking to improve their skills and credentials. The school partners with the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity and has a proven record of success at placing its alumni in leading industry jobs.

All classes are offered online so students can learn on their own time and in their own homes. In addition, advanced courses are approved by AHDI for continuing education credits.

The SpeedType online class for students costs $29.95 and is intended for users who have already purchased and installed the SpeedType program. Students will have a set number of weeks to complete the course and will receive a certificate of completion upon passing a final test.

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