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AHDPG Debuts Online Discussion Forum for Scribes

As a voice, training service, and information resource for medial scribes, the American Healthcare Documentation Professionals Group (AHDPG) is excited to introduce Scribe Vibes. Scribe Vibes is an online forum catering to individuals and organizations from every corner of the scribe industry, from newcomers studying for certification to health care organizations working to develop their own team(s) of scribes. The forum is designed to encourage discussion of everything and anything in the medical scribing world.

"We see Scribe Vibes as an online resource to exchange ideas, drive best practice adoption, discover employment opportunities, enhance industry certification, and keep up to date on all things medical scribe related," says AHDPG President and CEO Peter Reilly. "What makes this forum truly special is there's nothing like it out there today. Scribe Vibes is an exceptional resource that has already demonstrated its value."

Since the launch of Scribe Vibes, active discussion topics have included best practices for medical scribes, certification for medical scribes, and how providers can build their own team of professional scribes. Indeed, AHDPG regularly fields inquiries from physicians, practice managers, hospital administrators, and directors, among others, concerning the recruitment of well-trained, certified medical scribes. Now, Scribe Vibes offers a dynamic portal where employers and prospective employees can network and share ideas.

Scribes at any phase of their careers are welcome on Scribe Vibes. AHDPG believes a broad, diverse community will help ensure the forum's continued growth, as well as providing maximum value to all members. For those who are considering employing medical scribes, Scribe Vibes is an ideal place for seeking out expert knowledge on launching their own scribe programs and teams.

By most estimates, the number of working medical scribes will exceed 100,000 by the year 2020. Driven by federal meaningful use incentives and penalties, more than 95% of US hospitals and 56% of office-based physicians have adopted EHRs. There is also growing evidence, however, that in their current state, EHRs are associated with decreased physician productivity and revenue, negative patient-physician interactions and relationships, and widespread physician dissatisfaction, hence the rise of the medical scribe as a profession in its own right. AHDPG is pleased to meet this demand with top resources like Scribe Vibes.

Source: American Healthcare Documentation Professionals Group