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A2iA Announces Five New A2iA Mobility Contracts

A2iA, a developer of software for the worldwide data capture, document processing, and payment systems markets, announced it has signed five new A2iA Mobility integration and reseller contracts to expand its channel within the United States and Canada. A2iA Mobility, a patented software toolkit, delivers image analysis and data extraction capabilities directly to the mobile device, creating a more dynamic and intelligent handset for banking customers, merchants, corporations, and field agents who need to capture information and automate workflows from outside of the traditional office. Supporting real-time business operations with its offline processing abilities, A2iA Mobility is driving accelerated transactions for checks and payments, identification cards, and trailing forms and documents.

“Mobile document and payment processing is critical for today’s automated workflows where users demand immediate results at their convenience,” says Jean-Louis Fages, A2iA president and chairman of the board. “By enabling devices to become intelligent and dynamic in their processing abilities, A2iA Mobility is driving next-generation apps that can deliver results from anywhere, at any time, without a server or data connection.”

A2iA Mobility is available for integration into both Android and iOS apps, allowing software developers to customize the interface and experience for their specific users. Its client-side capabilities deliver all check usability, image analysis, and data recognition features, plus document preprocessing and image clean-up, locally to the phone or tablet. A2iA Mobility’s global footprint also supports non-US checks, delivering mobile payment technology for emerging check-imaging solutions such as those for Canada, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, and Ecuador, while still meeting local truncation requirements.

Source: A2iA