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IHI Unveils New "Improvement Map"

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) recently unveiled a comprehensive resource to help hospitals improve quality while reducing costs. The “IHI Improvement Map” is a free, Web-based tool that distills the best knowledge currently available on the key process improvements that will lead to better outcomes for patients.

More than 100 hospitals across the United States participated in testing the prototype of the Improvement Map and are already using it as a guide in their quality improvement efforts. The IHI is now beginning a broad-scale rollout.

The Improvement Map builds on the success of the IHI’s 100,000 Lives and 5 Million Lives campaigns, in which thousands of hospitals turned their resources and attention to a handful of changes that reduce needless deaths and injuries. Many of the hospitals that were active in these campaigns requested that the IHI expand its focus to a wider, more comprehensive set of process improvements to help them make sense of the many complex and competing demands they face in setting their improvement agendas and priorities.

Based on this feedback, the Improvement Map provides best practice knowledge on 70 essential processes that lead to exceptional hospital care, 40 of which will help hospitals manage costs. The Improvement Map offers knowledge, guidance, and support to hospitals at no cost.

Source: Institute for Healthcare Improvement