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AGS Health Acquires EZDI

AGS Health, a leader in revenue cycle management solutions for major health care providers across the United States, has acquired EZDI—a leader in modernizing computer-assisted coding to support health care providers with revenue cycle management (RCM).

"Advancements in technology are helping health systems improve efficiencies, control costs, and deliver better patient experiences," says AGS Health CEO Patrice Wolfe. "EZDI's technology assists clinical staff by predicting appropriate medical codes and identifying missed documentation, which makes for a more efficient process and better outcomes."

"This is an exciting time for both of our organizations," says Chetan Parikh, CEO at EZDI. "AGS brings coding services to EZDI customers and enables them to make computer-assisted coding actionable. We're offering measurable RCM improvement through automation."

Established in 2014, EZDI offers an integrated, artificial intelligence–based platform that combines clinical documentation improvement, computer-assisted coding, and auditing into a single platform.

"By minimizing human touch points and instead using people to validate system-generated data, we can help our customers greatly reduce the margin of error," Wolfe says. "Driving the best possible outcomes for our clients remains our goal, and investments in technology advancements are critical to making that happen." 

Source: AGS Health