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ZirMed Offers Top 5 Tips as Providers Transition to ICD-10

ZirMed, which empowers health care organizations to optimize revenue and population health with the nation's only comprehensive end-to-end platform of cloud-based financial and clinical performance management solutions, announced a top-five list of strategies to help ease providers through the impending transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10.

Based on its experience conducting end-to-end testing with its clients and with payers since April 2014, the company has developed the following recommendations for providers:

One of ZirMed's Wisconsin-based clients, ThedaCare, engaged with ZirMed early on in the planning process and shared an update on its efforts prior to go-live. Beth Malchetske, director of business integration explains, "By focusing on the things we can control, we empower our teams to address issues before the transition, instead of waiting until a claim is at the payer awaiting reimbursement. And by making sure all the steps are followed, we're ensuring our facilities get paid as quickly as possible post-go-live."

ZirMed's systems and solutions are completely ICD-10 compatible. The company offers a free ICD-10 readiness assessment to help providers evaluate the impact that ICD-10 will have on their organizations. ZirMed also provides ICD-10 educational tools to its clients, including the following:

"ZirMed has been hard at work to make sure that our clients have the best plan, solutions, and support to make the transition to ICD-10 as smooth as possible," says Crystal Ewing, ZirMed senior business analyst and manager of regulatory strategy. "Providers should understand that they are not alone and there are products and services available to them to help them fix rejected claims, identify critical benchmarks, and prioritize training opportunities. No one knows exactly what will happen after the October 1 deadline, and there are certain to be bumps in the road, which is why contingency planning is critical."

For more recommendations and to learn more about ZirMed's comprehensive ICD-10 strategy, visit the company's ICD-10 Resource Center.

Source: ZirMed