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Health Level Seven Announces New Board Members

Health Level Seven (HL7) International, the global authority on interoperability of HIT with members in 55 countries, recently announced election results for its board of directors at the 27th Annual Plenary and Working Group Meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The 2013 HL7 Fellows and the 2013 recipients of the W. Edward Hammond, PhD, Volunteer of the Year Awards were also recognized at the event.

HL7 Board Member Elections

The following four members were elected or reelected to the HL7 board of directors for the 2013-2014 term:

2013 HL7 Fellows

This award, which was presented to five individuals, was established to recognize HL7 members with at least 15 years of active membership as well as outstanding service, commitment, and contributions to HL7. The 2013 recipients of the HL7 Fellowship Award are Irma Jongeneel-de Haas (HL7 The Netherlands); Vassil Peytchev; Dan Pollock, MD; Dave Shaver; and Robert Stegwee, PhD (HL7 The Netherlands).

HL7 Volunteers of the Year

HL7 honored two members with the 17th annual W. Edward Hammond, PhD, Volunteer of the Year Award. Established in 1997, the award is named after one of HL7’s most active volunteers and a founding member as well as past board chair. The award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to HL7’s success. The 2013 recipients are Ken Rubin, health care architect, EDS Civilian Government & DoD Healthcare Portfolio, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services, and Andy Stechishin, chief consultant, CANA Software & Services Ltd.

Rubin has been a member of HL7 since 1994 and has worked diligently over the years to promote and support standards adoption. He has served as a cochair for the Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Work Group since its inception and was instrumental in introducing service oriented thinking and processes to HL7. In addition, he facilitated the formation of the Healthcare Services Specification Project , a standards development effort to create health industry SOA standards jointly sponsored by both HL7 and the Object Management Group. He continues to provide mentoring and leadership on services across a number of HL7 work groups. Rubin also served as one of the inaugural chairs of the HL7 Process Improvement Committee (PIC) and helped establish PIC as a trusted and open forum advocate for HL7 work groups.

Stechishin has been a member of HL7 since 2008 and is very active in standards development. Stechishin currently serves in several leadership roles, including as the cochair for four HL7 work groups: Publishing (since 2009), Tooling (since 2009), Implementable Technology Specification (since 2010), and RIM Based Application Architecture (since 2012). In addition, he serves as a cochair of the Technical and Support Services Steering Division of the Technical Steering Committee, the group responsible for overseeing the execution of standards development within HL7.

Source: HL7