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New Association Promotes Open HIT

The Open Health IT Exchange (OHITX), a healthcare industry association promoting open HIT and interoperability, has announced the national launch of its newly formed association. The mission of the OHITX is to bring together the major players in the HIT ecosystem in an open and collaborative environment to advance healthcare initiatives.

“Our vision is an open and interoperable healthcare world. We know it’s not as simple as it sounds, but we all need to work together to attain this goal,” says Colleen Sauter, administrator at OHITX. “At OHITX, we are fiercely committed to breaking down the silos and working together to deliver the highest quality healthcare services in the most efficient manner.”

Strategic partnerships and programming will enable the OHITX to fulfill its mission and pursue the following goals:

• Facilitate collaboration between healthcare consumers and producers to create systems that more effectively meet providers’ needs;

• Educate members of HIT industry initiatives;

• Advocate the issues facing the rural healthcare market;

• Influence healthcare policy through special programs and projects that impact adoption;

• Create opportunities to demonstrate practical use of interoperable products and services; and

• Provide a resource center with grant opportunities, education and training programs, HITECH ACT materials, and key contacts.

The activities of the OHITX will be shaped by the advisory committee and guided by its members. The advisory committee is comprised of individuals representing a wide range of healthcare perspectives, each committed to achieving the mission of the OHITX.

Source: Open Health IT Exchange