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ApolloMD Leverages Fathom Autonomous Medical Coding to Save Costs and Accelerate Revenue Cycle for 1,500+ Physician Group

Fathom’s AI-based automated medical coding delivers industry-leading automation rates with improved accuracy, reducing ApolloMD’s coding costs and alleviating coding staffing challenges

Fathom, the leader in medical coding automation, is providing autonomous coding services to ApolloMD, a multispecialty, 1,500-physician group with a nationwide footprint. ApolloMD is using Fathom’s technology to automate coding with exceptional accuracy for more than 2.5 million patients at 88 hospitals and health systems across the United States. Since deployment, the company has achieved industry-leading automation rates, significantly reduced costs, relieved coding staffing challenges, and shortened coding turnaround times from days to hours.

“As one of the most successful clinical staffing services firms in the country, we face enormous administrative medical coding and billing workloads. As we grow, this challenge multiplies,” says Dr. Yogin Patel, president of ApolloMD. “After an exhaustive search, we found that Fathom provides the best coding automation technology available that scales seamlessly as we grow.”

Fathom fuses the best of deep learning AI and natural language processing to review provider notes and patient charts and instantly determine compliant reimbursement codes—including E/M, CPT, and ICD-10, among other elements—with improved quality and efficiency. ApolloMD’s partnership with Fathom included adopting the revised E/M guidelines for Emergency Medicine in January, integrating the latest rules and avoiding the pain and cost of retraining staff. Fathom’s medical coding automation platform offers the highest encounter-level automation rate, nearly double that of any other technology, thereby delivering industry-leading ROI.

“At Fathom, we focus on creating healthy communities by automating manual processes intelligently and ensuring the financial well-being of health systems and physician groups,” says Fathom CEO Andrew Lockhart. “We are excited that our innovative and powerful coding technology has enabled ApolloMD to meet the demands of their growth while they continue to deliver exceptional physician and patient experiences.”

As ApolloMD expands to serve more patients and facilities, Fathom expects to increase the volume of encounters coded and the scale of operational impact for ApolloMD. Patel adds, “Fathom is the ideal partner to help us deliver on our vision—healthy clinicians, healthy patients, healthy communities—as we treat millions of patients yearly in hospitals and health systems across the country.”

ApolloMD’s partnership with Fathom was profiled in a recent video featuring ApolloMD leaders Amy Katnik, chief operating officer; Dr. Michael Lipscomb, chief quality officer; and Anthony Mascitti, CIO. View the video on Fathom’s LinkedIn page to hear about these executives’ experiences firsthand.

Source: Fathom