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Surescripts, Epic Team on ePrescribing Project

Surescripts and Epic are working together to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the prescribing process by offering Surescripts’ CompletEPA for medication prior authorization to Epic EHR users.

“Further automation and refining of prescribing workflows builds upon the success of investments made by many constituents over the past 12 years," says David Yakimischak, executive vice president and general manager of medication network services at Surescripts. "Our work with Epic to implement ePA is another example of how interoperability can help connect the entire health care system and get the right information to the right place at the right time.”

The medication prior authorization process is an important yet daunting administrative task that requires a variety of forms, faxes, and phone calls to collect information to review and determine prescription coverage. Surescripts CompletEPA is a real-time electronic prior authorization (ePA) solution fully integrated into a physician’s EHR workflow that enables immediate information exchange between providers and pharmacy benefit managers. In collaboration with Epic, this solution has the potential to impact 100 million patients across the United States.

“Moving the prior authorization workflow into the EHR can save time for both physicians and payers,” says Sumit Rana, chief technology officer of Epic. “It’s also good for patients when medications are approved faster, and they receive their prescriptions sooner.”

Medication prior authorization is intended to control treatment costs, but it also adds thousands of dollars in administrative costs for doctors each year. According to a report from Health Affairs, physicians spend an average of eight hours each week at an annual cost of up to $7,000 on filing paperwork, faxing, and phone calls to process prior authorizations. Eventually this delay in treatment can cause patients to lose interest in treatment altogether, with 20% to 30% of patients abandoning their prescribed medications at the pharmacy.

Surescripts CompletEPA streamlines the physician’s workflow and cuts costs by allowing physicians to complete and submit prior authorization requests electronically and receive approvals in real-time. CompletEPA leverages eligibility and formulary data through the Surescripts network, utilizing recently established industry standards for ePA from the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs. 

Surescripts will host a webinar for Epic users, on October 29 at 11:30 AM EDT, to learn how to easily integrate CompletEPA capabilities into their existing workflow.

Source: Surescripts