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Latest KLAS Report Examines CDI Market

A vendor's ability to garner executive buy-in, organizational focus, and physician adoption are the greatest predictors of provider success in implementing clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs. This and which vendors are the most effective and why is included in the first KLAS report on CDI services.

"CDI is not new, but the energy surrounding it is," says report author Boyd Stewart. "The firms in this study vary widely in the approaches they take and the success they are having. At this point, it is more about empowering the clinical documentation specialists than it is about the tools, but the tools are certainly important."

For the report, KLAS interviewed provider organizations across the country to get feedback about their CDI successes and failures and about which vendors are best supporting their efforts. The vendors included in the report are 3M, Advisory Board, ChartWise, Deloitte, Huron Consulting, MedAssets, Navigant, Nuance, Optum, Precyse, and PwC.

To access the report, entitled "CDI Services 2014: Providing Light to Documentation Darkness," download the myKLAS app or visit KLAS online.

Source: KLAS