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Health Navigator Partners With Find-A-Code

Health Navigator recently announced that it has partnered with Find-A-Code, the most complete medical coding and billing resource library available, to improve productivity and efficiency for professionals who process billing and payment of medical services. As part of the collaboration, Find-A-Code users will have access to an additional 14,000 medical search terms and codes.

"Find-A-Code makes medical coding easier by providing extensive search terms that are linked to medical codes, which makes them a natural partner for Health Navigator," says Patty Maynard, senior vice president of business development at Health Navigator. "In the same spirit as Find-A-Code, our system of coded chief complaints is always being updated to keep up with changes in medical coding and trends in patient calls and inquiries. And our Natural Language Processing technology connects the plain language of patient symptoms to these industry codes."

Users and subscribers of Find-A-Code's online resources use search terms to help identify appropriate codes more efficiently. Customers range from small clinics to large medical practices, hospitals, teaching colleges, health insurance companies, and the federal government. Find-A-Code data aligns with codes from major health organizations, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, health plans, the American Medical Association, American Hospital Association, and the American Dental Association.

"Find-A-Code customers need to quickly identify relevant codes, which is why we are laser-focused on gathering the most appropriate search terms for each code," says David Berky, chief information officer of Find-A-Code. "Our partnership with Health Navigator significantly expands our library of search terms, so users can find what they're looking for faster."

Source: Health Navigator