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KLAS Finds Global EMR Adoption Rates Continue to Grow

A newly published report by KLAS entitled "Global EMR Performance 2015" finds that providers around the global continue to adopt EMR technology at a rapid rate. Two vendors, Cerner and InterSystems, stand out as the top-performing fully rated multiregional vendors. Provider surveys and commentary show that Cerner performs very well in Europe and the Middle East, while InterSystems performs well in Asia/Oceania and the Middle East.

The report, which highlights vendor performance by region, shows that Epic performs best in large organizations across the globe, with providers citing strong implementations, functionality, and support. In some parts of the world, vendors' statewide contracts are hampering provider/vendor relationships. KLAS found that providers are eager to leverage all of an EMR's functionality but are often unable to due to limiting contracts.

"Global EMR adoption rates vary by region depending on available resources, government contracts, and a number of other factors, and that has a direct impact on vendor performance," says Jeremy Goff, KLAS research director. "As we continue to monitor the market and talk to providers, we find that multiregional vendors perform well in some regions, but none clearly outperforms their competition everywhere."

Source: KLAS