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WEDI Announces Slate of New 2020 Board of Directors 

WEDI, a nonprofit authority on the use of HIT to create efficiencies in health care information exchange and a trusted advisor to Health and Human Services, recently announced the election of a new board member to its Board of Directors and election of Officers* as well as the reelection of 10 previous board members to serve two-year terms.

“The WEDI Board of Directors represents the full spectrum of perspectives in health care information exchange, comprised of payers, providers, government regulators, and industry vendors,” says Charles W. Stellar, president and CEO of WEDI. “This incredible group of seasoned executives are invaluable to our organization and will continue to strategically drive our effort to create efficiencies to the health care industry as a whole through better use of health information technology. We look forward to a productive year ahead.”

New board members include the following:

Reelected board members include the following:

Standing board members include the following:

For more information on the WEDI Board of Directors, visit the WEDI website.

— Source: WEDI