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AAPC Conference Preview

Fun and Learning in Orlando
By Sandra Nestman

AAPC’s 2013 National Conference will take place in Orlando, Florida, at the Coronado Springs Resort. Each conference provides valuable and unique education on the current “hot topics” in the business side of medicine, including anatomy, medical specialty coding, medical auditing and compliance, revenue cycle management, EMR systems, and payer “hot buttons.” This year’s conference also will launch AAPC’s ICD-10-CM code set training.

In addition to the 72 breakout sessions that span three days of education, there are preconference sessions on medical auditing and interventional radiology, a boot camp for outpatient hospital-based coders, and an all-day workshop for AAPC-certified instructors. Qualified experts teach the interactive daily general sessions. One perennial favorite is hosted by AAPC’s Legal Advisory Board and incorporates a distinctive method of taking audience questions. Attendees are invited to text their legal questions to a moderator, who then distributes the questions to the member of the board best suited to answer them. There is never enough time to field all the questions that are asked, but attendees always leave with a better understanding of both compliance and legal issues that relate to their professions.

Another popular annual event is the Anatomy Expo, during which physicians from a variety of specialties use anatomical models, devices, and videos to provide an insider’s look at the anatomic and physiologic nuances of the body. AAPC also proctors certification examinations at each national conference, providing the opportunity for attendees to validate their expertise and add another credential to their title.

AAPC conferences like to mix in a little fun with the intense education. Attendees can participate in friendly competitions such as Regional Feud and Regional Color Day, and this year there will be a scavenger hunt for ICD-10 books, complete with prizes. On Tuesday, April 15, classes will end a little early and attendees will receive an evening pass to enjoy one of the nearby Disney properties.

— Sandra Nestman is a member of the AAPC Conference Team.