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Industry Insight

CHIME Launches Digital Health Analytics Resource

The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) announces the launch of Digital Health Analytics (DHA), a new global market intelligence and survey research hub. DHA is the new standard in digital health transformation tools, equipping health care’s top professionals with the data, analyses, and insights they need to meet health care’s complexities head on.

DHA’s web-based portals deliver resources that give provider organizations and health care companies access to data, surveys, and analyses of how health care organizations are utilizing digital health technology. The DHA portals will also generate opportunities for new survey research and insights to inform key technology and patient care decision-making.

“Health and care leaders have been asking for a better line of sight into digital health technology trends and utilization,” says CHIME Chief Analytics Officer Steve Lieber. “DHA gives them a personalized, customized portal to ask and answer the questions they face in today’s complex digital health world.”

CHIME is proud to introduce these platforms into the industry at a critical time for data advances in health care. Spurred by the needs of the pandemic, organizations worldwide now seek to harness data to provide insights that truly transform the delivery of services and improve outcomes. Health care providers and health care–focused companies alike will benefit from DHA’s resources, including access to a database and customized market intelligence based on the CHIME Digital Health Most Wired Survey, the premier data collecting instrument known industrywide for its prestigious certifications and industry-leading National Trends report.

DHA also provides participants and subscribers with access to digital media content in the form of infographics, research reports, trend studies, and media supplements concentrated on high-interest topics from the Digital Health Most Wired Survey. Health care leaders can create their own custom surveys of peers and other industry professionals through the DHA hub.

— Source: College of Healthcare Information Management Executives


AMA Opens Doors for Health Tech Innovators With New CPT Developer Program

The American Medical Association (AMA) announces the launch of a new developer program to help creators of health technology and services easily leverage AMA-published content from CPT, the nation’s leading medical terminology for describing and coding health care procedures and services.

The CPT Developer Program is devoted to the needs of developers and facilitates access to the AMA’s expertise, content, resources in medical terminology and coding to those with pioneering ideas at the crucial development stage of innovation.

“As the physician’s powerful ally in patient care, the AMA is driving the future of medicine by promoting a culture of innovation and offers the AMA’s trusted CPT content and resources to help developers create a generation of technology and services that expands the bounds of science, streamlines our health system, and enhances the care of patients,” says Tom Giannulli, MD, chief medical information officer at AMA’s Integrated Health Model Initiative.

“The CPT Developer Program is more important than ever as innovations in digital health technology and services are expected to seamlessly integrate medical terminology before they emerge onto the market,” says Laurie McGraw, AMA senior vice president of health solutions.

Key features offered at no fee to developers who register for CPT Development Program include the following:

CPT Development License: Allows the developer community royalty-free access to CPT content to build and test innovations during the product development stage. The developer license is valid for 12 months with an annual renewal required.

AMA Intelligent Platform: This central interface allows users to license, access, and manage the latest CPT content with modern delivery options including application programming interfaces, web apps, and data files.

Developer Engagement: AMA offers education and information opportunities designed to foster collaboration and cocreation with application developers. Developers receive regular updates on CPT, connect with fellow developers in feedback forums, and attend the AMA’s first developer symposium in November 2022.

Front-line physicians, entrepreneurs, and developers share a passion about transforming health care. To harness this passion, the AMA offers the following additional resources to inspire innovations that will make the health system work better for everyone:

Physician Innovation Network, a collaborative online community where entrepreneurs and developers consult with physicians to gain insight into emerging products aimed at improving and reshaping health care;

Privacy Is Good Business: A Case for Privacy by Design in App Development, a reference on best practices for data collection and equitable data governance that will help developers integrate privacy by design into emerging mobile applications to strengthen patient and physician trust in digital health technology;

Health2047, a Silicon Valley–based innovation subsidiary of the AMA that cultivates a collaborative approach between health care and technology to build and scale the companies that can transform US health care at the system level; and

MATTER, Chicago’s health care technology incubator and the AMA work together to bring entrepreneurs and physicians together to accelerate the development of new technologies, services, and products.

Through its ongoing leadership, the AMA is shaping and supporting digital health innovation and breaking down policy barriers to the adoption of digital health technology. From revitalizing medical practices to ensuring that evidence-based digital health technology helps provide high-quality patient care, the AMA is striving to help physicians navigate and succeed in a continually evolving health care environment.

— Source: American Medical Association


Ciox Health Partners With Diameter Health

Ciox Health, a Datavant company, announces a partnership with Diameter Health, a data interoperability leader and trusted source for organizations seeking to realize the greatest value from clinical data. The partnership will enhance Ciox's market-leading reach in data retrieval capabilities using Diameter Health's Fusion engine, the best-in-class solution to transform raw clinical data into a standards-based, high-quality, interoperable data asset.

Clinical health data is particularly challenging to use and deploy at scale because it is fragmented across care settings, incomplete, and inconsistent. Organizations are increasingly aware of the potential of clinical data to help them achieve their clinical, financial, and operational goals, but are challenged in maximizing their investment in data acquisition. As data from provider EHRs becomes widely available, it has become clear that specialized technology is required to make the data usable in analytics and workflows. Diameter Health's unique and differentiated process—Upcycling Data—generates the cleanest, clearest, most precise data in the health care space, providing fast and easy access to simple-to-understand, normalized, patient-centric clinical data.

Ciox has selected Diameter Health's best-in-class technology to underpin its national data network and product suite of capabilities. The company is using Diameter Health technology to enhance the value of chart retrievals and provide actionable insights to its customers across multiple markets, including health care payers and providers as well as legal and life insurance. Ciox previously announced the availability of its Data Utilities for payers, an enhancement to its Ciox Digital Direct offering that leverages Diameter Health's Fusion engine. Data Utilities delivers an XML CCD file along with a PDF so that the data can be ingested in tools used in risk adjustment, population health analytics, and other use cases. The company plans to extend Diameter Health's technology across additional market segments and build value-add solutions on top of data retrieval services that leverage Diameter Health's upcycled data.

"Ciox is enabling the nation's largest and most trusted clinical health data network by digitizing medical record retrieval," says Pete McCabe, CEO of Datavant. "Our partnership with Diameter Health is an important step in achieving that goal. Diameter Health's technology will enable Ciox to securely connect health care decision makers with analytics-ready data from patient medical records to ultimately drive better health and a more efficient health care system."

"We are excited to be working with Ciox to accelerate their creation of the nation's largest data ecosystem and further enhance their market leading clinical data retrieval and analytic solutions," says Eric Rosow, CEO of Diameter Health. "By delivering upcycled data, we enable partners like Ciox to benefit from the full potential of clinical data—with rich insights into the health journey of individuals and the needs of entire populations."

— Source: Ciox Health