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Products & Services for COVID-19

AHDPG Online Training Program Helps Increase Patient Throughput

The American Healthcare Documentation Professionals Group has announced the immediate availability of a new online training program, “The Art of the Chart, the Basics,” which is designed to help health care organizations prepare for the drastic increase in patients associated with the coronavirus. The program is designed to educate existing allied health professionals in translating patient-speak into medical language; fundamentals of the chief complaint; fundamentals of the history of present illness; elements of the review of systems/core elements; fundamentals of the patient medical, family, and social history; elements of the physical exam; elements of medical decision making; differential diagnoses; family practice scribe documentation; governmental critical care guidelines; hands-on charting; and more. Instructors are available to mentor, monitor, explain the curriculum, respond to questions, and provide feedback. The all-inclusive fee for the program is $495/candidate. To enroll, download and complete the corporate enrollment form and fax it to 508-519-8102 or scan and e-mail it to admissions@ahdpg.com. Learn more

ZyDoc Offering No-Cost COVID-19 EHR Documentation Services

ZyDoc, a medical documentation company, is offering its services at no cost to all health care providers and hospitals affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. ZyDoc recognizes the urgent need to work more efficiently to care for an increasing number of acutely ill patients. These records are not only necessary for patient care but also imperative to devise effective treatment paradigms. ZyDoc’s dictation-based services allow providers to create their medical records 61% faster than traditional data entry methods by using a smartphone, tablet, telephone, or digital recorder. Despite many hospitals having to double their capacity, ZyDoc has a HIPAA-compliant, scalable platform that requires no software installation, IT personnel, or extensive training. Start-up can be the same day, even in facilities that are set up as temporary hospitals, so doctors can start dictating immediately. The transcribed dictations are then automatically inserted into the appropriate sections of any cloud-based EHR. In this crisis, ZyDoc gives doctors the flexibility to dictate from anywhere. Learn more

Provation Creates Free COVID-19 Resource for All Health Care Professionals

Provation announces the recent release of its free COVID-19 order set and care plan content for all health care professionals. This medical content gives health care professionals the ability to develop and administer accurate treatment specifically for patients with a COVID-19 diagnosis and/or symptoms based on the latest evidence and best practices. Complimentary PDFs of COVID-19 Provation Order Set and Care Plan are now available online to download. Provation’s dedicated medical content team will be continuously updating these COVID-19 order set and care plan PDFs as new evidence becomes available. COVID-19 Provation Order Set and Care Plan PDFs are designed to promote consistency of care with evidence-based content for patient evaluation and initial management specific to COVID-19. Provation Order Set Advisor and Care Plans software integrate and work with existing EHRs, including Epic and Cerner. Provation’s COVID-19 Order Set is for initial evaluation and management only. COVID-19 pneumonia can be complicated by acute respiratory distress syndrome, sepsis, and the need for ICU admission and ventilator management, all of which are addressed in separate Provation Order Sets. Provation has also developed a COVID-19 Long Term Care Facility care plan to help monitor and manage residents to prevent/limit exposure and to prevent the spread of infection; it is also available for free to health care professionals. Learn more

EBSCO Information Services Launches COVID-19 Health Care Information Portal

A team of health care professionals and evidence-based medical experts at EBSCO Information Services has launched a COVID-19 portal that aggregates real-time information updates from authoritative sources to provide information on all aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 portal provides researchers and health care professionals with consolidated access to real-time, credible information. Librarians and information professionals are also called upon to suggest resources that should be added to the site. The portal is an evolving platform that aims to include all trusted resources to best meet the needs of the online research community. The COVID-19 portal is one of several ways that EBSCO has made health care information accessible during the pandemic. DynaMed, EBSCO’s clinical decision support tool, has made its COVID-19 clinical topic open, offering easy access to evidence-based information related to treatment, which is updated daily. EBSCO has also developed a Healthcare Resource Center to provide open access to the content it provides to medical, nursing, and allied health professionals. Learn more

Copley Designs Application Utilizing the Qlik Platform to Track COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the world population, Copley Consulting Group has designed an application utilizing the Qlik platform to measure and track this virus and the effect it has had across financial markets and environmental conditions, in addition to health data. Unifying disparate data from multiple sources, including Johns Hopkins, the World Health Organization, and the federal Environmental Protection Agency, Copley has built an interactive Qlik Sense application to track daily, weekly, and monthly critical data elements to provide a more holistic view of the virus’ impact. This information has been melded with the new unemployment statistics to understand the correlation of the pandemic with the financial fallout. Individuals can visualize key metrics such as total cases, mortality rates, and recoveries globally, while melding them with correlated financial and environmental information. Given the capability for online, real-time interactivity, users can compare country, region, state, and local critical data points to better understand the profound impact of COVID-19, while allowing for personalized geographic focus. By consolidating data from the multiple, disparate data sources, the application provides a broader vantage point of the overall impact of the virus on our economy and environment. Learn more

Mobile Tool Helps Treat More Patients Under Crisis Surge Conditions

PatientKeeper announces the immediate availability of PatientKeeper Clinical Communications Suite Now to meet health care providers’ urgent and growing needs for mobile anytime, anywhere access to patient data and secure messaging with physician peers, via smartphones and tablets. The launch is especially timely as health care providers prepare to treat more patients, more quickly, under surge conditions in a variety of venues during the COVID-19 pandemic. In crisis care settings, such as a physician working in a parking lot triage tent or quarantined at home in the middle of the night, instant access to patient records and communication with care team members from mobile devices is essential. PatientKeeper Clinical Communications Suite Now optimizes and integrates with MEDITECH acute-care EHR systems that do not provide such native functionality. It is a PatientKeeper-hosted solution available on a six-month renewable contract for an affordable fixed fee, with a low-overhead implementation. With Clinical Communications Suite Now, providers can immediately access patient records via native iOS and Android apps on smartphones and tablets; securely instant message care team members, consultants, practice administrators, and any other necessary hospital staff, with access to the full patient record embedded in the message; share quick notes about patients with other providers using a simple “scratch pad” to capture the most salient points—ideal for handing off to coverage and/or in a high-volume, high-throughput crisis care/triage environment; and support telemedicine practice by enabling remote access to patient records. Learn more

Kno2 Makes Record Retrieval Free During Coronavirus Crisis

Kno2 is making its on-demand patient record retrieval service available free for as long as state or federal states of emergency continue. The Kno2 interoperability tools can ensure timely, coordinated care responses during the public health crisis by providing access to an on-demand, comprehensive patient record retrieval service from a surrounding community of providers. Kno2 is an interoperability provider for most EHR vendors working in the postacute sphere. It has now made its portal available at no charge for skilled nursing, long term acute care facilities and therapists, and home health providers, but per-site registration is required. If a symptomatic patient presents at an emergency department or urgent care, providers will want access to the patient’s current medications, allergies, active conditions, or risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, and respiratory comorbidities. Post discharge, skilled nursing or home health providers will need access to treatment information to understand continuing risks and long term care approaches. The records can also feed state and national monitoring, prevention, and treatment efforts. Learn more

AHIMA Develops Tools to Help CDI Professionals During COVID‑19

With clinical documentation integrity (CDI) professionals playing a key role in efforts to “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 pandemic, AHIMA has developed tools designed to ease administrative burdens during this difficult time. AHIMA’s two new COVID-19 CDI query templates will help CDI professionals ensure the integrity and quality of a patient’s health record. With data being such an important element in the fight against COVID-19, the new templates provide a clear guideline of what critical data need to be obtained to accurately document for the virus. The templates are similar to those CDI professionals use to document other diseases. The new templates are designed to capture high-quality documentation to support the continuum of care in this complicated health care environment. CDI is critical during the pandemic because it can impact research efforts to curb COVID-19 and provides government and health care leaders with key information for their decision-making processes. The two new COVID-19 CDI query templates are available to all health care professionals for free. Learn more

LabCorp and Ciox Health Create Comprehensive Patient Data Registry

LabCorp and Ciox Health are collaborating on a comprehensive US-based COVID-19 patient data registry. This registry will house curated, HIPAA-compliant deidentified data sets to expedite clinical research and analyses related to COVID-19. This patient data registry is expected to enable researchers to better understand and characterize COVID-19 diagnoses and treatments and generate insights that will aid ongoing and future pandemic preparedness and prevention efforts. LabCorp has performed approximately 500,000 tests since first making its COVID-19 test available March 5. The registry will leverage LabCorp’s scientific and research expertise and the unique, rapidly expanding deidentified datasets from its COVID-19 testing platform. To yield a more complete view of clinical paths and outcomes, this data set will be supplemented with additional longitudinal medical record data, compiled using the Ciox Health DataFit Platform. The data sets will be compliantly and safely aggregated to rapidly construct research-grade clinical cohorts for a wide range of epidemiological, clinical, and observational uses. Learn more

SOC Telemed, SCP Health Join Forces in Fight Against COVID-19

SOC Telemed, an acute care telemedicine provider, and SCP Health, a clinical practice management company, have announced a partnership to deliver scalable, flexible emergency and hospital medicine services via telemedicine. SCP will conduct rapid-cycle deployments of SOC’s Telemed IQ platform in multiple SCP emergency and hospital medicine programs each week. The services are staffed by SCP clinicians and will enable surge coverage needs during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. By partnering with SOC, SCP can now augment emergency and hospital medicine capacity via telemedicine, a critical capability for hospitals embattled with the rapid spread of COVID-19. As hospitals around America fill and become overwhelmed, the SCP/SOC partnership will deliver vital provider resources to aid the current overworked system. Additional benefits include stemming the spread of disease, as well as shifting physicians to remote triage should they become compromised and require quarantine. Learn more