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Industry Insight

HIE Guide Named HIMSS Book of the Year

HIMSS has named The Health Information Exchange Formation Guide: The Authoritative Guide for Planning and Forming an HIE in Your State, Region, or Community its 2011 Book of the Year.

The book and its coauthors, health information consultants Laura Kolkman, RN, MS, FHIMSS, and Bob Brown of Mosaica Partners, a health information exchange (HIE) consulting firm, were honored at the HIMSS Awards Banquet during the 2012 Annual HIMSS Conference and Exhibition.

“Each year, the HIMSS Book of the Year award recognizes a book that offers outstanding practical guidance and/or strategic insight for healthcare information and management systems professionals,” says Fran Perveiler, vice president of communications for HIMSS.

Published by HIMSS in February 2011, The Health Information Exchange Formation Guide has received national acclaim for its practical approach to forming state-, regional-, or community-based HIE organizations. The book leverages the insights Kolkman and Brown gleaned from their work with clients as well as from extensive research and interviews with recognized HIE pioneers. It provides the knowledge and tools that emerging HIE initiatives need to develop a framework for long-term sustainability.

“HIEs play a significant role in [accountable care organizations] and new emerging care models and are a catalyst for transforming the nation’s healthcare system,” Kolkman says. “The problem is that many organizations and individuals do not know where to begin when planning an HIE. This book, based on our proven HIE Formation Methodology, gets them on the right path.”

“Over the past decade, we have learned about HIEs through the successes and failures of the front runners in exchange initiatives,” Brown says. “By applying these lessons, emerging HIEs can dramatically increase their odds of success and establish their role in improving the overall efficiency of the healthcare delivery process, enhancing patient outcomes, and significantly lowering costs.”

The guide’s structured approach incorporates leading practices in the planning, formation, and operational stages of HIE initiatives. In addition to a high-level history of HIE and in-depth discussion of its importance and role in transforming healthcare, the book includes a step-by-step guide, numerous case studies, examples, checklists, and references.

— Source: Mosaica Partners


mHealth Promises to Revolutionize the Evolving HIT Ecosystem

The mobile health (mHealth) app market is playing an integral role in transforming the progressing HIT environment. mHealth continues to see substantial growth and is expected to continue expanding as business models and significant value offerings continue to evolve in tandem with the fast-paced world of mobile technologies. However, as seen in 2011 with the release of the FDA mHealth guidelines, there are various restrictions and obstacles to hassle-free market entry.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan's Analysis of the US Broadband mHealth Applications Market research finds that the mHealth market earned revenues of $230 million in 2010 and estimates this to reach $392 million in 2015.

"From 2008 to 2010, mHealth consistently outpaced forecast growth and revenue," says Zachary Bujnoch, a senior industry analyst with Frost & Sullivan. "mHealth apps will continue on a steep growth curve as increasingly sophisticated mobile technologies and relationship-management tools disrupt the market."

Near-term market growth will occur as more new users purchase mobile apps and current users continue to purchase and use more mHealth apps. Based on this, it follows that app purchase revenue will grow.

However, taking advantage of the enormous opportunities presented by mHealth is no easy task. The market is besieged by many significant challenges, such as those concerning regulatory issues or consumer engagement.

"Consumer awareness is mixed, with privacy and security concerns ever present in the mHealth market," Bujnoch says. "Also, while still overall a good thing, increases in FDA regulation and oversight may dampen innovation."

mHealth opportunities are not to be taken lightly. To ensure success, significant efforts need to be taken to bring the proper expertise and knowledge to companies participating in this market.

"Partnerships and acquisitions are rampant and necessary for this market to continue to grow," Bujnoch says. "The breadth of knowledge and expertise needed for success is typically too wide even for the largest of companies—making such collaborations necessary."

— Source: Frost & Sullivan


MeHIMA to Distribute ICD-10 Readiness Course

The Maine Health Information Management Association (MeHIMA) has become a distributor of the Anatomy & Physiology for Coders course through an affiliation with Barry Libman Inc, a provider of HIM coding, audit, and education services.

Anatomy & Physiology for Coders trains medical coders to prepare them for the transition to ICD-10. Students can access the 12-week course online on any day or at any time. The course is approved by AHIMA (24 continuing education units) and AAPC (12 continuing education units).

In the affiliate program, state associations receive all the tools needed for promoting the course. Besides being a secondary revenue stream, the course can be used to supplement webinars, audio training programs, and on-premise seminars.

Anatomy & Physiology for Codersprovides a complete review of the major body systems. In addition, the course covers common laboratory tests, frequently prescribed drugs, and common diseases and disorders. The course includes lesson notes, quizzes, weekly assessments, multimedia videos, interactive educational games, and full-color anatomical drawings.

— Source: Barry Libman Inc


Datawatch Partners With Jacobus Consulting

Datawatch Corporation, a provider of report analytics products and services, has expanded its revenue cycle management and quality reporting solutions by partnering with Jacobus Consulting, a healthcare performance improvement and HIT consulting firm. This partnership will enable Jacobus to incorporate the Monarch Report Analytics platform into its client offerings. Revenue cycle management will be the first area of focus for the combined efforts of Datawatch and Jacobus, closely followed by quality and clinical performance improvement.

More than 1,200 healthcare organizations rely on the Monarch Report Analytics platform for enhanced analytics on data trapped in reports, such as those provided by Meditech, as well as business documents. The platform is a self-service solution for analysts to have the data they need, quickly, without resorting to costly, custom IT programming for reports.

— Source: Datawatch Corporation