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HFMA Conference News & Notes

VitalView ICD-10 Vendor Readiness Dashboard Introduced

VitalWare, a source on ICD-10 vendor readiness, announcedits new VitalView platform at the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s ANI Conference. VitalView is an executive dashboard that collects, analyzes, and reports which vendors are meeting ICD-10 timelines and requirements, giving healthcare organizations the insight and vendor intelligence needed to make informed decisions for business continuity.

VitalView provides a progress report on vendor software to ensure compliance and necessary testing by the October 1, 2013, deadline. By making vendor readiness more transparent, healthcare organizations can see which business and financial systems are at risk and make informed decisions for improved project management, sustained productivity, and uninterrupted reimbursement.
VitalView will do the following by vendor and product:

  • identify which vendor software has a measurable impact on a hospital’s ICD-10 planning based on its function within the hospital and the extent of its use;
  • highlight products that have high impact but low readiness, which alerts the ICD-10 task force there may be a potential problem; and
  • send automatic alerts to ICD-10 team members when vendor/product milestones have been missed, completed, or are at risk.

VitalView is for organizations that have taken an inventory of products and systems affected by ICD-10 but need help taking static inventory and creating a dynamic project management tool. It achieves vendor transparency by doing the following:

  • communicating with vendors and holding them accountable through 2013;
  • providing organizations with access to a vendor dashboard that displays where vendors stand with dates, deliverables, and overall readiness;
  • sending alerts when vendor and product information is updated or when milestones or due dates are slipping;
  • providing access to VitalView’s 5010/ICD-10 knowledgebase and intelligence on each vendor and product; and
  • providing a secure, Web-based project management solution that allows teams to manage and monitor internal projects, schedules, due dates, tasks, resource allocation, and expenses for on-time and on-budget projects.

A second level of service, VitalView Premium, is for providers who do not have the time or workforce available to compile an inventory of ICD-10 vendor and product readiness. It includes all the features of VitalView plus access to on-site professionals who work with an organization to compile an initial inventory of vendors and systems along with planning, project creation, and internal readiness assistance to ensure that organizations will be ready for the ICD-10 transition.

— Source: VitalWare


Allscripts Revenue Cycle Management Service Introduced

At the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) national conference, Allscripts introduced Allscripts Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services, an end-to-end, integrated, pay-as-you-go financial and administrative management solution designed to optimize the physician practice revenue cycle.

Allscripts RCM Services provides physician practices of every size and specialty with a complete outsourced business office that is paid for on an ongoing basis as a percentage of their monthly collections. The turnkey, full-service billing and settlement solution integrates the Allscripts practice management technology with professional services and a full claims management, patient payment, and clearinghouse suite.

A cloud-based business solution requiring no new hardware or up-front costs, Allscripts RCM Services manages the entire revenue cycle continuum, from operational planning to scheduling to final collections and denials management.

In addition to its solutions for the physician office, Allscripts also showcased its full line of hospital revenue cycle solutions, including Sunrise Financial Manager as well as the HFMA peer-reviewed Sunrise EPSi business decision-support and performance management solution.

Sunrise Financial Manager delivers end-to-end management of the revenue cycle and infuses automated workflow into every aspect of the business office for hospitals that maintain their own records as opposed to outsourcing billings and collections. The full suite of solutions is integrated with Sunrise Clinical Manager, the Allscripts acute care EHR.  Sunrise Financial Manager promotes compliance, billing and collections accuracy, and revenue cycle optimization through process automation and visual workflow powered by Sunrise Visual Workflow. As a result, hospitals receive a single solution for both institutional and professional billing and receivables management.

The flexible Allscripts platform enables the company to continually evolve its revenue cycle solutions to support transformations in healthcare, such as bundled payments, accountable care organizations, and general reimbursement reform.

One requirement from healthcare organizations is an integrated set of tools for forecasting that leads to documented performance improvement. Sunrise EPSi combines financial and clinical information to identify opportunities for growth or reengineering. Sunrise EPSi leverages Web-based technology to provide anytime desktop access to critical management information, empowering decision makers from senior management to departmental managers to take control of financial, clinical, and operational performance.

— Source: Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc