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Medic Mobile Announces the First Mobile SIM App for Healthcare

Medic Mobile has announced the development of the first SIM application for healthcare. SIM apps can operate on 80% of the world’s phones, from $15 handsets to Android smartphones, and Medic’s new implementation of this technology brings data collection to a new level of accessibility and affordability.

Medic Mobile is known for deploying SMS-based healthcare communication solutions on $60 Java enabled phones. Now with SIM apps, Medic is creating simple menu-based applications that function on handsets four times less expensive and operable in the hardest to reach areas.“

In healthcare, it’s necessary to exchange structured information. SIM apps provide a new method with great potential that can be installed and updated remotely over the air,” says Chief Technology Officer and Lead Developer Dieterich Lawson.

Medic’s first official SIM app is Kuvela, developed for PSI with support from the Maternal Health Task Force, and the company plans to develop many more. In the future, Medic hopes to build applications for patients to help them manage their own health by scheduling appointments, accessing remote consultations, alerting the nearest clinic in medical emergencies, and more.

— Source: Medic Mobile