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Mobile Application Targets the Healthcare Vendor Credentialing Market

Vendormate, which deals in healthcare compliance monitoring and vendor credentialing, recently released Vendormate Mobile, the first smartphone application that allows hospital vendor representatives to sign out of hospital appointments with a simple click—bypassing the sign-out kiosk and saving time. The app can save healthcare vendor representatives time during a typical hospital appointment while also helping hospitals maintain accurate, up-to-the-minute records of vendors who are and are not in the facility. Vendormate Mobile runs on the iPhone and smartphones using the Android platform and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Android Market.

During a typical hospital appointment, a healthcare vendor representative must sign in at a central kiosk to receive a visitor badge. However, the large size and complex design of a modern acute care hospital may require a vendor rep to walk for 15 minutes or more to reach an office or operating suite for a scheduled appointment. Vendormate Mobile allows a vendor representative to click the “Sign Out” button on the app and exit the facility through the closest door. The app also allows a vendor rep to sign out a coworker who may be on site and leaving at the same time. Vendormate Mobile keeps records of the last five appointments at each facility and allows vendor reps to sign out of a facility once, even if they visited multiple locations and had multiple appointments during a single visit. By making it more convenient for healthcare vendor representatives to sign out, hospitals will see increased rates of sign out compliance.

— Source: Vendormate