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Tweets From #MGMA18Annual

The Medical Group Management Association Annual Conference was recently held in Boston. Attendees had plenty to say about the sessions, including the presentations by keynote speakers Robin Farmanfarmaian and Mel Robbins.

@Robinff3 delivered an incredible general session this morning! She shared the innovations in health care technology that allowed her to take back her own health along with the tech that we’ll be seeing in the future.

AI is a game changer in #healthcare. By 2020, AI will impact patient engagement, physician notes, communication, imaging & more. Tech leaders have committed to remove barriers for adoption & interoperability. @Robinff3 #MGMA18Annual

“5,4,3,2,1 interrupts the bias of thinking and creates a bias toward action.” Mel Robbins is a trip! #MGMA18Annual

“‘Will you change?’ The most important word in this sentence is WILL.” — Mel Robbins #MGMA18Annual

If you missed #MGMA18Annual’s general sessions by the inspiring @simonsinek and @melrobbins, @Colin_Hung’s got you covered with a great wrap up of their sessions.

“Healthcare change isn’t happening from the top down. It’s happening by people on the front lines, by organizations serving patients” @DrHalee #MGMA18 cc #hcldr

@mgma @kthertz “When practices invest in improving their business, patients are more efficiently served, increasing patient satisfaction and health outcomes, & improving patient retention rates. It’s a feedback loop that benefits everyone.” #mgma18annual

“Being average isn’t good enough.” Excellent #MGMA18Annual Solution Stage session on KPIs and benchmarking with @kthertz @RyanDLawler

Look how people engage with Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and others. Patients will expect this same experience in health care, and so far, health care hasn’t delivered. Brent Bowman #mgma18annual

We need to think of the #EHR as a clinical tool. Use preventive health reminders and dashboards to prompt physicians to manage #populationhealth. Keith Griffin, MD. #mgma18annual

Dr. Allen from Goshen Health’s keys to physician engagement in pop health #MGMA18Annual #pophealth @MEDITECH

“Analytics is really beginning to dominate what we do in health care. If you’re not already really proficient at analytics, start looking at getting more proficient,” Frank Cohen #MGMA18Annual

MGMA members reported prior authorization requirements have increased over time. PA is burdensome for both patients and practices. Is utilization review like PA even necessary if we tie payment to achieving better patient outcomes at lower costs? #mgma18Annual #MGMAAdvocacy

“Many of the fraud and abuse laws were created prior to value-based payment arrangements.” — @molliegel there is a priority to reduce regulatory burden as revitalization of these regulations occurs. #MGMAadvocacy #MGMA18annual

Wow. Blown away by #MGMA18Annual attendees’ personal experiences with MIPS, quality reporting, and prior authorization burdens. The Government Affairs team certainly has a lot of material to take back to Washington for #MGMAAdvocacy efforts!

Love this term from @niko_ski Avoid “Pilot Purgatory” at all costs or risk getting stuck in a perpetual pilot. Ensure you know the exit criteria before you dive in.