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Tweets From #MGMA19AC

#mgma19ac is all about igniting excellence!

When we empower others, we ignite the spark of excellence within our practices and beyond. Thank you, @ME_Clancy for sharing “Healthy Communication Tools for Practice Leaders” in your #MGMA19AC session today. #KeyTakeaway

“Health care, unlike other industries, does not have a women in health care problem, but it does have a women in leadership problem.” — @LindaJCarpenter #MGMA19AC

“Coding automation is the low hanging fruit that all practice managers should be looking at implementing now. The technology is mature and it works.” #AITalk #MGMA19AC @3MHISNews

If you’re measuring productivity with your billing staff, you’re not where you need to be. Productive doesn’t mean effective. @MedEvolve #mgma19ac #hitsm

“Surprise billing, prior authorization, and chronic care management are two of the top advocacy topics @MGMA is tackling in DC.” #mgma19ac #advocacy

“Surprise billing is a complicated issue. If you think physician groups need to be a part of the decision, you need to contact your Congressman, Congresswoman or Senator.” — @SenBillCassidy during the #MGMA19AC Opening Keynote on #healthcarelegislation

.@SenBillCassidy is now talking about the different state models for addressing #surprisebilling and the federal proposals. Advises the @MGMA healthcare leaders to “contact your legislators. Something will be happening soon. We need your help.” #mgma19ac

Thank you to @SenBillCassidy for joining us as the Opening Keynote speaker at #MGMA19AC! One of the many key takeaways from his session includes this perspective on surprise medical billing: https://twitter.com/MGMA/status/1183528273499824128/photo/1

There was a lot happening at #MGMA19AC yesterday. We recap some of the best in today’s newsletter: https://mgma.com/news-insights/other-news/mgma19-the-annual-conference-october-15 @JayShettyIW #Consumerism @PressGaney #SDoH

Such a cool experience at #MGMA19AC led by the powerhouse duo of Kem Tolliver and @tayamoheiser, who are leading a session on “taming and innovating your revenue cycle model” to a virtual audience through #mgma19live just one more way to get great content/education through @MGMA

“Big industry and regulatory trends are blanketing us all, but healthcare is still personal and it’s still local.” — State of the Industry insights from @DrHalee #MGMA19AC

#SparkSessions at @MGMA’s Annual Conference are quick facilitated discussions that are note-taken by artists. Such a cool visual way to remember the concepts raised. #MGMA19AC

Favorite shark Daymond John “Responsibility is something that must be taken” #mgma19ac #daymondjohn

“Can you go home and put yourself into two to five words? After you understand who you are, you’ll be able to master your pitch. Life is a series of pitches, and people keep forgetting the value of the pitch.” @TheSharkDaymond at #MGMA19AC

“I read 10 goals every night before I go to bed; 87% of what you think about before you go to sleep is either what you fear is going to happen to you, or what you wish is going to happen to you.” @TheSharkDaymond at #MGMA19AC

Just WOW! @TheSharkDaymond just delivered a lively, funny, powerful, inspiring, authentic and captivating keynote to this morning’s #MGMA19AC final conference day. So many takeaways to reflect on.

Head home from #MGMA19AC with @TheSharkDaymond’s 5 #SharkPoints in your pocket as a reminder to ignite excellence in your #health care practice:
1) Set a goal
2) Do your homework
3) Do what you love, but love your family more
4) Remember, you are the brand
5) Keep swimming

The MGMA 2019 Annual Conference was awesome. I highly recommend it to anyone who works in or supports the medical practice side of health care.