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Education News

HIT Accelerator Program Launched in New Jersey

Tigerlabs recently announced the launch of a new HIT accelerator program, Tigerlabs Health. The three-month program, which will begin in February 2013, offers $20,000 in seed funding, mentorship, software, professional seminars, and coworking facility for HIT innovators.

Located in the backyard of pharma industry titans Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Novartis, and Novo Nordisk, along with many emerging pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech firms, Tigerlabs is uniquely positioned to leverage regional executive and investor relationships to usher in a new culture of innovation into the HIT sector.

Tigerlabs will consider entrepreneurial ventures across a wide spectrum of solutions, including the following:

Mobile health: helping consumers take control of their health with fun, elegant, and easy to use mobile applications

Software as a service: platform delivery of cloud-based medical records, data, information, and provider information

• Disease management: identification, reporting, tracking, and analysis of disease diagnosis, spread, and treatment

• Integrated care management: connecting inputs, delivery management, and organization of services related to diagnosis, treatment, care, rehabilitation, and health promotion

• Adherence programs: allowing providers, payers, and consumers to monitor adherence to remote medical treatment

• Big data: compilation, analysis, and presentation of consumer, professional, clinical, payment, and medical records data

• Clinical discovery platforms: assisting in the implementation, monitoring, analysis, and discovery of clinical platforms

• Self-diagnosis: allowing consumers to observe, record, understand, and cure simple health problems

• Remote monitoring: enabling health providers and payers to track consumer adherence, health, payment, and medical records virtually

• Payer/consumer disruption: developing the relationship between the payer and consumer through improved communication, payment, understanding, and conveyance of information

• Virtual care: providing consumers access to healthcare professionals through platform applications

• Remote therapy: virtual assessment, delivery, and monitoring of therapeutic care

— Source: Tigerlabs


Health Informatics Students Provided Access to National EHR Platform

Tom Packert, chief technology officer for CareCloud, a Miami-based provider of cloud-based practice management, EHR, revenue cycle management, and medical billing software and services for medical practices, headed back to school at Florida International University (FIU). He showed up for class in the Master of Science in Health Informatics and Management Systems program but not as a student. Instead, he went to launch a unique partnership between CareCloud and FIU that will let students in the master’s program access CareCloud Charts, its EHR software, as if they were physicians or practice administrators with their own practices.

Packert described CareCloud’s holistic approach to the healthcare system, explaining the company’s perspectives on how to create and deploy a modern technology infrastructure in an industry that often runs on solutions built three or four decades ago. He also lectured the students on cybersecurity and defusing the threats posed by hackers and cybercriminals, showing them an online application he uses to encrypt all his website logins.

Ian Bjorsvik, CareCloud’s EHR specialist, then provided an overview of the EHR and practice management systems. As part of the new partnership, each student in the class will be given a log-in and full access to all of CareCloud’s software features, just as medical staff in a clinic would have. This new program will enable FIU students to work with the latest EHR technology for a unique perspective on how technology can impact every aspect of a medical practice.

Most of the students in this FIU program are healthcare professionals. With the hands-on experience of using the CareCloud software, they stand to gain valuable knowledge in the technology of healthcare’s future.

— Source: CareCloud