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2018 Article Archive

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January 2018


Best Practices in Coding Audits
Several variables factor into how health care organizations should go about measuring their coders' performances.

Are You Moving the CDI Needle?
Determining the effectiveness of a clinical documentation improvement program can be a tricky proposition, but there are steps facilities can take to get a better read on what's going on.

Artificial Intelligence Forges a Path in Health Care
From performing menial tasks to uncovering key data, AI is making inroads into hospital operations.

A Singular Effort
Single-path coding, which consolidates facility and professional fee coding, is beginning to take root at more hospitals.


Editor's Note

HIM Happenings
New York State has enacted a law which allows low-income disabled residents to obtain free copies of their medical records when applying for government aid.

HIPAA Challenges
People, processes, and technology form the foundation of governance efforts to deidentify protected health information.

Inside Informatics
Learn how an independent clinical archive can make a difference in emergency department care and throughput.

Thought Leader Q&A
An interview with Fernando Martinez, chief digital officer at the Texas Hospital Association, sheds light on an unobtrusive digital tool that helps clinicians make informed decisions based on cost and clinical data.

CDI Resource Guide


HIT Happenings
To date, HIT has had limited success addressing sepsis care. However, research has revealed the characteristics of potentially effective solutions.

By the Numbers
Get the lowdown on health care's facts and figures.